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We were really glad to pick Skillwork as our partners. The collaboration goes above and beyond just IT services, Skillwork challenged every product decision we made and you could really see the passion they had for project. The results of this was a web app that was tried and tested and gave us the confidence to drive the business further.
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See how Skillwork helped overcome existing reading literacy barriers within the educational systems of European countries.

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Being founders ourselves, we understand entrepreneurial struggles, hardships and joy that working on your idea brings. As such, we aspire to give back to the start-up community, engaging with entrepreneurs through a number of prominent organizations and partnerships.

We have an extensive network of contacts, from prototyping experts to angel investors, and we are not afraid to use them to aid our customers. We will be much more than just your ordinary team of techies.

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Skillwork is an innovative tech powerhouse for more traditional companies. We combine our start-up mindset with a traditional approach to software development, enabling organisations of all sizes to develop highly innovative, fully fledged software solutions in a controlled and risk-free enviroment.

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