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Learn and play - an educational platform tackling child reading literacy barriers.

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Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain and Ireland
Develop an educational web platform.

Service used

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Programming Languages

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Php 7.4 was used for the backend programming.

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MySQL was the database of choice based on the particular needs of Learn and Play.

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HTML, Javascript and CSS were used to develop the front end.

Frameworks Used

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Laravel was the framework of choice given its scalability and MVC architecture.

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Bootstrap was the framework of choice for the front end given its mobile-first responsiveness approach.

What is Learn and Play?

Learn and Play project is targeting a common problem within the educational systems in all European countries: the reding literacy barrier in early childhood education. The lack of reading skills for primary schools students is directly linked with the dropout rates among children with special needs and minorities but is also vital for the overall attainment in school in next educational levels. The project is transnational initiative that will be implemented in Bulgaria, Ireland, Spain and Turkey by organisations with significant experience in teachers training, family trainings, methodology development and educational research. Their joint efforts will develop innovative methodology for extensive language learning, based on gamification of learning content with variety of interactive resources and visualized on a platform, where all project target groups are actively involved - students, teachers and parents.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus+ program of the European union, contract number 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062561.
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What are the targeted results?

The project will equip teachers with innovative methodology and interactive resources for language teaching and learning and provide them with wide range of teaching ideas and pedagogical instruments and to straighten their professional development. The project will also equip parents of primary students with mother language different than the official language of the educational system in each country with practical tools to support their kids at the very beginning of the educational journey. LPP will better partnerships among the participating organisations, international perspective and potential for further cooperation. However, the expected project impact is beyond national borders of the applicant countries.

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Key Challenges on the tech and product side

  • Develop a scalable web-based MVP, with a mobile-first mindset
  • Develop user stories through countless interviews with teachers from all over the world
  • Ensure absolute fidelity / eliminate misinformation and misunderstandings
  • Workaround the Erasmus+ requirements

How we did it

The first step of the journey was to gain a full understanding of Learn and Play's founders' vision, getting to know the problem that the team was trying to solve, and listing all business requirements. We have organized all communication channels ensuring that the founders can be quickly updated via slack or conveniently add issues through Github. Transparent and seamless communication and access to all information and materials is always our top priority.

We understand that speed to market is critical for the students and, as such, using the customer stories prepared by our Business Analysts team, we divided the work into three sprints, allowing the team to start testing the platform by the end of sprint two. During the sprints, we anticipated and accommodated a number of changes to the initial scope connected with the complexities of the Erasmus requirements or feedback gathered by the founders, teachers and children through early user testing activities.

Finally, at the end of sprint three, we have prepared a testing framework which allows us to quickly update the platform and remove any bugs. We ensured that we will have resources in place to rapidly introduce new features and modifications based on data gathered from early users.

See it in action

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Key Features

  • Edtech web application
  • Interactive games
  • Ability for a teacher to create a virtual classroom and add students
  • Ability to assign learning paths for students or classrooms
  • Custom system for the admins and teachers to create their own games and learning paths
  • Automated skill assessment for children
  • Video and voice chat integration
  • Teachers', Students' and Parents' records management module
  • 15 custom games for reading comprehension, memory tasks and writing challenges
  • Comprehensive analytics and admin panel

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