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Develop a high quality, scalable MVP in the form of a mobile application.

Service used

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MVP Builder

Timefit opted to use our MVP Builder service. Click here to read more about it.

Programming Languages

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Swift was used for the programming of the IOS application.

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The android SDK was used for the programming of the Android application.

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Php was used for the backend programming.

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MySQL was the database of choice based on the particular needs of Timefit.

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HTML, Javascript and CSS were used to develop the front end.

Frameworks Used

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Bootstrap was the framework of choice for the front end given its mobile-first responsiveness approach.

What is TimeFit?

A mobile life coach combining three productivity ‘pillars’ - exercise; diet; eyes - into a comprehensive productivity strategy for office workers.

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The sitting lifestyle of people working in the office is a growing problem.

Stress, anxiety, lower-back pains or eyestrain are just a few examples of issues every white-collar worker is forced to deal with. Such problems not only harm their general wellbeing but also reduce their productivity, having a negative impact on both their lives and the performance of the company that employs them.

What's the Solution?

TimeFit is a mobile life coach built with office workers in mind. Central to the idea is the concept called the ‘Power Break’ by TimeFit’s founders. During this meaningful break from work users stretch, exercise their eyes and eat healthy snacks – an intelligently chosen set of activities that gives them energy, focus and long-term health benefits. The Power Break combines the three ‘pillars’ of productivity: exercise; diet; and eyes into a comprehensive productivity strategy, what is the most efficient way to address such a complex issue.

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How we did it

TimeFit was one of many ideas pursued by Skillwork founders, together with other talented entrepreneurs, before Skillwork was born. We have managed the entire development process of the app, from researching the problem itself, through designing the UX/UI, to the development and, finally, launch. We have encountered countless challenges on the way that have been successfully overcome. Working on TimeFit has taught us how difficult it is to build an MVP with a limited budget and how to do it efficiently. Currently, we are using this experience for the benefit of our customers ensuring that their ideas are turned into reality on time and on budget.

See it in action

Don't just take our word for it - click here to see it in action!

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Key Features

  • Time management - a time management / timer module which allows users to schedule their Power Breaks with the use of various time management techniques.
  • Power Break - an intelligent module displaying Power Break content to the users according to their preferences, length of the break, time of the day, and active exercise or dietary plans.
  • Exercise plans - a module housing exercise plans (focused on stretching) content for users to buy and activate, which displays during their Power Break. In addition, this feature allows users to design their own exercise plans. Every exercise available on the app has been animated.
  • Dietary plans - a module housing dietary plans content for the users to buy and activate, which displays during their Power Break and independently on the dashboard of the app. The module includes additional features such as shopping lists.
  • Exercises for eyes - a module housing a set of exercises for eyes, which intelligently display during the Power Breaks.
  • Water intake tracker - a tracker for the amount of water consumed by the user. Includes intelligent reminders.
  • CMS - a web-based CMS for the administrators to manage the content of the app.

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