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Develop a high quality, scalable MVP in the form of a web application.

Service used

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MVP Builder

Alligator opted to use our MVP Builder service. Click here to read more about it.

Programming Languages

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Php 7.4 was used for the backend programming.

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MySQL was the database of choice based on the particular needs of Alligator Dental.

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HTML, Javascript and CSS were used to develop the front end.

Frameworks Used

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Laravel was the framework of choice given its scalability and MVC architecture.

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Tailwing was the framework of choice for the front end given its mobile-first responsiveness approach.

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Stripe was the tool of choice when it came to payment gateways, due to its market dominance, security and capability of providing ID verification services.

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Twillo was the tool of choice when it came to SMS notifications and OTP Authentication, due to its pay as you go capabilities.

What is Alligator Dental?

Alligator Dental is a no-commitment dental discount plan that makes it easy for anyone to save on dental costs. By using the platform, users can get access to significant discounts at more than 32,000 dentists across the United States.

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Finding affordable dentistry can be challenging in the U.S.

Over 75 million Americans (23% of the population) lack dental insurance and 96% of Americans have suffered from tooth decay by the time they reach 65. It is obvious that there is a growing need for accessible and affordable dental plans.

What's the Solution?

Alligator Dental aims to reducing the price of dental procedures all across the U.S. by providing its customers with a subscription plan that gives them even up to 50% off on most dental procedures. In partnership with System Two, Makette, and Skillwork, we were able to build a fully-fledged web application where customers can benefit from these discounts.

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Key Challenges on the tech and product side

  • Develop a scalable web-based MVP, with a mobile-first mindset
  • Ensure absolute fidelity / eliminate misinformation and misunderstandings
  • Ensure that users' private health information is securely stored
  • Setup a fully HIPAA / HiTrust compliant server architecture

How we did it

The first step of the journey was to gain a full understanding of the vision behind Alligator Dental, getting to the root of the problem that the founders were trying to solve, and listing all of the business requirements. We organized all communication channels ensuring that the founders had a direct line of communication with the project manager and development team on slack. Transparent and seamless communication and access to all information and materials is always our top priority.

We understand that speed to market is critical for our customers and, as such, armed with the customer journey prepared by System-Two, we divided the work into sprints, allowing the team to start testing the platform before all of the features were complete. During the sprints, we anticipated and accommodated a number of changes to the initial scope, influenced by evolving requirements from dental plan service providers, or customer feedback gathered through early testing activities. In the meantime, our certified Azure specialist and business experts were busy preparing HIPAA compliant server architecture and facilitating a business associate agreement with Microsoft. Taking full ownership of this process significantly increased our speed to market by eliminating communication delays.

Finally, at the end of the project, we prepared a testing framework which allowed us to quickly update the platform and remove any remaining bugs. We ensured that we had the resources in place to rapidly introduce new features and modifications based on data gathered from early users. We are also actively assisting the Alligator Dental team, exploring further iterations of the platform and guiding the technical approach.

See it in action

Don't just take our word for it - click here to see it in action!

Key Features

  • HIPAA compliant architecture
  • Dynamic payments module
  • Comprehensive analytics and admin panel
  • User registration using mobile OTP
  • Subscription Management for users
  • Comprehensive case management module for patients and doctors
  • Direct connection to the dental discounts api
  • Dynamic Emails
  • Comprehensive security system

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